Privacy Policy

This website is private. Passwords are encrypted. The PDFs generated by the grids you create can only be accessed using the unique URLs you send your students. Trying to guess a student's feedback URL returns an "Illegal User" message.

We don't send spam. We don't do ads. We may ask you one day if you would like to subscribe to a newsletter, but you will have to give your consent first.

We do not share your email address or personal information with anybody, ever. If people want to reach you, they will have to find you some other way because your email address is safe with.

We respect your privacy, and we expect you to respect the privacy of the other users on this system. Using this this system to send multiple commercial messages to others or publicizing another person's use of this website in an attempt to embarrass them is not allowed. We will remove your access to this system if you do not uphold this standard.

Is that private enough? Need more reassurance? Let us know.